As the imperial capital of Japan for over 1000 years, Kyoto is a profoundly rich locus of Japanese history and culture. As the birthplace of many cornerstones of Japanese culture, such as the Way of Tea, calligraphy and many other traditional arts, Kyoto continues to be the cultural heart of the country. Horseshoed by mountains, Kyoto is a sight to behold at any time of year, during any season. Kyoto is home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites and countless ancient temples and shrines. At HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, we will put our heart into making your stay a memorable one, with opportunities and activities for guests to capture and experience the unique culture and history of the ancient capital.

<22nd Oct, 2023> Enjoy the Jidai Matsuri Festival from the Otenmon Gate Special Seats

■ Event Date: October 22, 2023 (Sunday)
■ Time: Around 14:30 - (Viewing location: Otenmon Gate Special Seats at Heian Jingu Shrine)
■ Price: ¥30,000 per person (4 years and older)

The Jidai Matsuri or Festival of the Ages is one of Kyoto's three major festivals. This grand festival of the Heian Shrine reflects a millennium of the ancient capital’s history. We are pleased to offer our guests a special front-row experience where you can watch this procession, featuring approximately 2,000 citizens dressed in costumes from various eras and showcasing the essence of Kyoto's traditional craftsmanship. This year, we have created the Otenmon Gate Special Seats at the Heian Shrine for the first time, allowing you to also witness the usually private Daigokuden Matsuri held after the procession.


Crafted by the artisans of Kyoto's Kiyomizu-yaki, a one-of-a-kind vessel just for you

Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Cost: ¥200,000 per person (Includes the cost of the custom order/one per person)

TOKINOHA, the ceramics studio of the potter Daisuke Kiyomizu, is known for its unique approach to Kiyomizu-yaki, a ceramic tradition with deep roots in Kyoto. TOKINOHA vessels, also used at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, have a unique design, which both breaks away from the traditional concepts of Kiyomizu-yaki and accommodates the user's needs by eliminating unnecessary elements. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio, enjoy shopping, and engage in a conversation and consultation with Mr. Kiyomizu. You can directly order a one-of-a-kind vessel tailored to your preferences. The completed piece will be delivered to your home at a later date. Through this unique vessel that unites the thoughts of both the user and the creator, we invite you to savour a new world woven by tradition.
*Reservations are accepted for groups of 2 or more (Maximum of 4 participants).
*Please make reservations at least 7 days in advance.


An Evening Art Tour with the Harvest Moon

■Duration: September 27th, 2023, to October 10th, 2023
■Price: 4,000 yen per person (up to 4 people per day)
■Time: Starts at 8:00 PM every night (approximately 75 minutes)

At HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, we have prepared a moon-viewing experience exclusively for our staying guests.
During the autumn evenings, we will guide you through the hotel's art pieces and gardens illuminated by elegant hotel-original lanterns. Additionally, savour a special tea confectionery crafted by our pastry chef prior to a tea ceremony hosted by our ambassador staff in our CHAKYO tea space.

* Please note that during the Evening Art Tour period, our regular art tours will be suspended.

Harmonious Room

61,200 yen per room (including tax and service charge)
limited to one room per day, the promotion will close once 100 units have been sold

Immerse yourself in the world of HIBIKI THE HARMONY in our special suite. Enjoy the gorgeous aroma and delicate flavour of HIBIKI THE HARMONY in a space of Japanese beauty created by HOSOO, a long-established Nishijin textile company.


HOSOO × HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO Private Kyoto Kimono Experience

Cost: One person: JPY150,000~ / Two persons: JPY250,000~

HOSOO was founded in 1688 in Nishijin, Kyoto. Nishijin is the name of an area in the old city of Kyoto, known for silk weaving and kimono-making. Nishijin textiles are called Nishijin-ori, a weaving tradition born in the ancient capital of Kyoto some 1,200 years ago, supported by the aristocracy, the warrior class and wealthy merchants. HOSOO is proud to be a part of the long and storied tradition of Nishijin-ori. The pursuit of overwhelming beauty and exceptional craftsmanship passed down through the generations is a hallmark of HOSOO textiles.
This package is an opportunity to partake in an exquisite experience that will add colour and splendour to your stay in Kyoto.
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Experience Tranquility with a Bowl of Tea at CHAKYO

Duration: approx. 25 minutes
Cost per person: JPY2,500

The CHAKYO tea ceremony alcove at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO is overseen by So’oku Sen, heir apparent to the position of iemoto or headmaster of Mushakouji Senke, one of the three Houses of Sen that descend from Sen Rikyu, considered the historical figure with the most profound i