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44 seats
Counter Seating for 12 people
Table Seating for 26 people
Private Dining: 1 room with seating for 6 people

TEL. +81 75 468 3166(Reservations at one of our restaurants)

Kyoto, the imperial capital of Japan for over one thousand years is home to the Kamo and Katsura Rivers, fed by the mountains surrounding the city and an abundance of groundwater.The city, also known as the Water Capital, developed its own culture of Japanese cuisine as a result.The water here is soft: ideal for making flavourful dashi stock, as well as for growing vegetables with the rich taste and aroma of the ancient capital.

Chef Asano lived and studied in Paris, immersing himself in French cuisine.Chef Asano has always placed great importance on the fond, which sits at the heart of French cuisine.Should there be a brief description of fond included?

In Kyoto, he has created a new French fond/dashi using the city's renowned water.Using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to create unique and innovative dishes at TOKI.Experience the flavor of the Water Capital while enjoying captivating seasonal views of the courtyard garden.

Signature Course

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consists of 12 dishes JPY 18,500

With a focus on fond (stock) made with Kyoto water, Chef Asano will offer a variety of innovative dishes in which quality seasonal ingredients sourced from Kyoto and beyond play a leading role.

* Please note that the Signature Course at TOKI will change to 21,500 yen per person effective July 1, 2023.

TOKI Original Caviar

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1 container 15g, 20,000 yen

TOKI original fresh caviar is made from sturgeon raised in the beautiful waters of Shizuoka.
Our fresh caviar is made with the minimum amount of salt necessary to bring out the best flavour, and the type and application of salt is overseen by Tetsuya Asano, Chef de Cuisine at TOKI. Please enjoy the rich, original taste of TOKI caviar that can only be enjoyed at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO

Wine Pairings

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Wine Pairing Additional Charge: 15,900 yen

Signature courses can also be enjoyed with wine pairings.
Our sommelier has carefully selected a selection of fine wines to complement your meal.

* Without aperitif 11,000 yen
* Non-alcoholic pairings are also available.

Signature Restaurant Chef at TOKITetsuya ASANO

Tetsuya Asano is Chef de Cuisine at TOKI, the signature restaurant at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO.
After training in a number of renowned restaurants in the Netherlands and France, he worked at The Ritz Paris, where in 2017 he became the first Japanese to be appointed as executive sous-chef of the Ritz Paris' main dining room. Asano oversaw all of the hotel's restaurants, including Espadon, which was awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide.
In December 2019, Asano was appointed Chef de Cuisine at TOKI.

Private Dining Room

At TOKI, we have an exclusive dining room for up to 6 diners. The perfect venue for an occasion to remember with someone special.

Private Dining: 1 room
Seating Capacity: 6 persons
Cost: JPY19,000

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TEL. +81 75 468 3166
(Reservations at one of our restaurants)

  • *Parties with children under the age of 13 are required to dine in our private dining room
  • *All quoted prices include service charges(15%) and consumption tax
  • *Please understand that certain menu items may change depending on seasonal availability
  • *We ask any diners with allergies to inform us beforehand For restaurant guests with allergies
  • *Please note that all images shown are depictions
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