Restaurants and Bar

Thanks to its storied history and bountiful natural setting, Kyoto has a rich food culture. At HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, the culinary team selects the finest ingredients from around the world and across Japan, starting with famed local Kyoto produce, to deliver the ultimate gastronomic experiences to your table.

Our restaurants and bar facilities consist of 4 distinct sections: our Gastronomy Teppan, Italian Cuisine, Lounge and Bar and our SHIKI-NO-MA, all of which surround our beautifully curated garden, where diners can enjoy viewing the rich tapestry of the seasons.

Gastronomy Teppan

A sublime combination of the culinary arts of France and Japan. Expert techniques that bring out the best in seasonal ingredients. A new departure for teppan gastronomy.


Italian Cuisine

Delicious grill dishes and authentic pizzas from our ovens. A Japanese space infused with modern touches. Enjoy the colours and flavours of the 24 seasons of the lunisolar calendar, brought to you by our creative culinary team.


Bar and Lounge

The soft lighting illuminates our elegant Japanese garden as the sun sets. Relax, unwind and reflect on a say spent exploring the ancient capital over a drink and a bite to eat.


HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO is located on the site of Kyoto home of the Kitake, the executive branch of the Mitsui Family. Recognizing this important part of our heritage, SHIKI-NO-MA is a faithful yet modern reconstruction of part of the former Mitsui home, constructed from Japanese cypress. SHIKI-NO-MA can be used for a variety of purposes, such as exclusive dining events and tea ceremony gatherings.



Enjoy a nutritious breakfast made with seasonal ingredients at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, prepared just the way you like it. Greet the rays of the morning sun as it brings the garden to life. A delicious and healthy way to make the best start to the day.