[Procedures for Correction of or Other Action for Personal Information]

Party Entitled to Request

The owner of the personal information and the legal or appointed representative therefor are entitled to make the request. Please kindly note that the compliance with such request will require the completion of all necessary procedures to confirm the personal identification.


No fee

Reception of Request

Please directly contact the contact desk of the relevant department of Mitsui Fudosan Resort Management Co., Ltd.

In acquiring your personal information or posting direct mails or other communication, this Company advises you on the relevant department and the contact information thereof. This company may require your submission of the predetermined form. Please kindly note that it may take some time for the confirmation of your information or the completion of the correction or other requested action.


Even if your request is submitted, this Company may be barred from complying with your request for a reason that the law requires otherwise or any other relevant reason, in which case you will be notified of such effect along with the reasons therefor.