Our Roman-style "Quattro Formaggi" pizza from the Italian restaurant FORNI was featured on television.

On May 11, 2024, this popular pizza will be highlighted on the TBS show "My Life on a Dish" known for its unique concept of serving no actual dishes but rather sharing the stories of the best food experiences in people's lives.
Quattro Formaggi is beloved for its four-cheese flavor and the crispy texture characteristic of Roman-style pizzas.
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My Life on a Dish

The program Ultimate Dining Life airs on TBS every Saturday night at 11:30 PM. The show is presented from an unusual "My Life on a Dish" restaurant, which serves no food but instead offers guests the chance to relive their most memorable food experiences through stories. The guests, who are prominent figures of the day, share tales of their all-time favorite dishes, allowing the audience to taste these wonderful meals vicariously. Another central theme of the show is to understand people through food, delving into guests' personal anecdotes, struggles, values, and ways of enjoying life

If you miss the broadcast you can catch up with the show via this streaming link.