Gion Festival: Enjoy the Yamaboko Procession from Viewing Seats Exclusive to Guests at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO

At HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, we have prepared a special experience for watching the Yamaboko Procession, a summer tradition of Kyoto’s Gion Festival. Enjoy the extravagantly decorated Yamaboko floats from exclusive viewing seats in a designated area accessible only to our hotel guests. During the Saki Matsuri, witness the thrilling Tsuji-mawashi where the massive floats make dramatic turns, and during the Ato Matsuri, enjoy the unique Kuji-aratame ceremony and other highlights of the Gion Festival Yamaboko Procession.

July 17th, 2024 (Saki Matsuri) / July 24th, 2024 (Ato Matsuri)

■Number of visitors:
30 visitors each day

From around 9am *Gather on site

ЈPY 18,000 per person (tax included) *Accommodation not included.

What is the Gion Festival?

The Gion Festival is one of Japan's three major festivals with a history spanning over a thousand years. It is a month-long celebration hosted by the Yasaka Shrine, featuring various events from July 1st. The highlight of the festival is the Yamaboko Procession on the 17th (Saki Matsuri) and the 24th (Ato Matsuri), which attracts many visitors from both Japan and abroad, enveloping Kyoto in festive excitement. The beautifully embroidered and decorated Yamaboko floats, known as “moving museums,” come together in this event, which is registered with UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

For reservations and inquiries,
please contact: +75 468 3100 (Hotel Reception)