“Kanbi” “Tigre”- HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO Original Confection

KANBI - 3,000 JPY

The seasonal citrus kabosu is candied and coated with smooth chocolate for a refreshing flavour. This elegant orangette, that we have named Kanbi, is made with chocolate from the renowned French chocolatier Valrhona, combined with upcycled fruit peel with the pulp removed, is perfect for a relaxing time or as a gift for someone special.

Tigre - 3,000 JPY

Tigre is a French-born confection, created by kneading fine chocolate into financier batter and then baking to a deliciously soft finish.
We have prepared three flavours, including a Tigre made with matcha from Ryuo-en, a long-standing purveyor of fine teas located in central Kyoto.
Available in a set of three flavours, totaling eight pieces.

For inquiries or reservations,

please call +81 75 468 3100