HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO Christmas Cakes 2023 Pre-orders start from October 27th.

Brighten up the festive season with Christmas cakes from HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO. Our pastry chef has carefully selected flavours and festive designs to deliver pure indulgence.

Kyoto Strawberry Shortcake

12 cm : ¥5,500 (tax included) - Limited to 50
Collection period : 2023.12.23(Sat)~ 2023.12.25(Mon)

A vibrant Santa-colored shortcake made with an abundance of Kyoto strawberries. Enjoy the harmony of moist, melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake, vanilla bean-scented light cream, and fresh Kyoto strawberries.

Tamba Chestnut Mont Blanc

12 cm: ¥7,500 (tax included) - Limited to 30
Collection period : 2023.12.23(Sat)~ 2023.12.25(Mon)

A special Mont Blanc to savor during Christmas, featuring Tamba chestnuts. Crafted with chestnut sponge, this cake features plenty of candied chestnuts all topped with luscious cream and enveloped in the delicate flavour of Tamba chestnuts. A Christmas tree made of dark chocolate adds to the festive mood.

Christmas Petits Fours

12 varieties : ¥7,500 (tax included) - Limited to 50
Collection period : 2023.12.23(Sat)~ 2023.12.25(Mon)

Gift the joy of Christmas with a set of 12 petits fours. These bite-sized delights include Santa Claus raspberry macarons and rich chocolate tarts in the shape of reindeer, creating a lively assortment. Enjoy them at your leisure, as if having a Christmas-themed afternoon tea.

Stollen (Chestnut)

¥3,000 (tax included) - Limited to 150
Collection period : 2023.12.23(Sat)~ 2023.12.25(Mon)

An original Christmas stollen that combines German tradition with Japanese charm. Instead of marzipan, it features moist and fragrant chestnuts, with a refreshing yuzu twist. Our stollen delivers a high-quality and rich flavour, perfect for a leisurely tea-time.

Sakki – A Christmas Version of our Original Cream Sandwich

¥4,500 (tax included)
Collection period : 2023.12.23(Sat)~ 2023.12.25(Mon)

A cream sandwich with a playful twist, featuring a crispy cookie made with almond powder and a light buttercream derived from soy milk. For Christmas, a spicy gingerbread man cookie makes a special appearance. It's a great choice for a Christmas gift.

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