Kinobu × HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO Celebrating the New Year with an Osechi Breakfast

o mark the dawn of 2024, start your New Year's Day with a refreshing breakfast. At HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, we are offering traditional osechi cuisine from the renowned Kyoto culinary establishment Kinobu. The third-generation owner of Kinobu, Mr. Takahashi Takuji, crafts a delicate harmony of various eras and seasons within a single menu.

Osechi cuisine, exclusively handcrafted by artisans for this occasion, generously incorporates select seasonal ingredients. With these meticulously prepared items, you can experience the profound hospitality of Kyoto with all your senses. At the beginning of the year, indulge in a blissful moment, savoring the exquisite garden while enjoying the ultimate in luxury.

■Date: January 1, 2024 (Monday), Breakfast 7:00 AM - 12:00 NOON (Last Order) (Limited to 150 guests)
■Price: ¥15,000 per person (including tax and service charge)
* Eligibility: Limited to guests staying at the hotel on December 31, 2023

About Kinobu:

The renowned Kyoto-cuisine restaurant Kinobu, with over 80 years of history in the heart of Kyoto, started as a restaurant that split-off from the ryokan Kifuji, which was patronized by nobility and officials connected with the Imperial Palace. Kinobu opened in 1935 and the current owner, Mr. Takahashi Takuji, took over as the third-generation head of Kinobu after five years of training at Tokyo Kicho. A senior sommelier with extensive experience in France, Mr. Takahashi's cuisine is an immersive and expansive world of Kyoto cuisine, grounded in tradition but incorporating techniques from French cooking, such as using fonds and bouillons, and offering enjoyable pairings with wine.

For reservations and inquiries,
please contact: +75 468 3100 (Hotel Reception)