Kiyomizu-dera Temple Early Morning Private Tour

HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO is pleased to offer a special tour exclusively for our guests at Kiyomizu-dera, a Buddhist temple with a history of over 1200 years, known as Kyoto's premier tourist destination for global visitors.

Perfectly timed, guests can experience the serene ambiance of Kiyomizu-dera in the early morning during Sakura season, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the cherry blooms in full bloom.

Our guide for this experience is Shouin Onishi, a priest serving at Kiyomizu-dera. Rev. Onishi will share some lesser-known stories of the temple, explaining the thousand-year history and deep wisdom of Kiyomizu-dera. The tour will visit areas normally closed to the public, including the main hall sanctuary, a registered national treasure.

A highlight is the Hozoden Treasury, which houses important cultural properties such as temple valuables, artifacts and works of art. Guests will also be able to view the oldest statue at Kiyomizu-dera, the Eleven-laced Standing Kannon, a breathtaking Standing Bishamonten Statue with a masterpiece of gilded patterned cuts.

The tour concludes at Jojuin, a private temple overlooking the famous Moon Garden. This tranquil setting with a view of the Koudaiji Montain, framed by the colorful flowers and plants that surround the pond, is sure to cleanse the soul.

Spring Kiyomizu-dera Early Morning Private Tour

Thank you for all reservation. The tour is fully booked.

■ Dates:
Limited to 3 days: Mar 26th, Mar 30th, Apr 3th, 2024
■ Time:
6am to 9am
■ Number of Participants:
Registration on a first come, first served basis. One group per day.
*Maximum of 4 participants per group
■ Price:
JPY 400,000 per group (tax included)
Accommodation fees are separate
*Round-trip transportation to Kiyomizu-dera is included

<Course Content>
Departure from hotel (6:00) → Arrival at Kiyomizu-dera (6:30) → Important Cultural Property Western Gate (usually not open to the public) → Treasure Hall (usually not open to the public) → National Treasure Main Hall → Inside the Main Hall (usually not open to the public) → Inner Sanctuary → Jojuin (usually not open to the public) for a conversation with a priest → Depart Kiyomizu-dera (8:30) → Arrive back at hotel (9:00)

* If you cancel 7 days before the event, 100% of the tour fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.
* Participation in this tour is limited to individuals 13 years of age and older.

For reservations and inquiries,
please contact: +75 468 3100 (Hotel Reception)