HIBIKI THE HARMONY - SUNTORY WHISKY HIBIKI and HOSOO Historical Japanese Natural Dyeing Research Lab (From June 21, 2023 ~)

HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, SUNTORY WHISKY HIBIKI and HOSOO Historical Japanese Natural Dyeing Research Lab, are collaborating to hold a promotion we are calling HIBIKI THE HARMONY.

The three parties to this collaboration share in the spirit of Japanese nature that colours the four seasons and together they cherish the traditional beauty of Japan. Following their own paths, each embodies these ideas in space and time, showcased in the suites at HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, the innovative Kyoto French restaurant TOKI, and at THE GARDEN BAR.

Harmonious Room

Immerse yourself in the world of HIBIKI THE HARMONY in our special suite. Enjoy the gorgeous aroma and delicate flavour of HIBIKI THE HARMONY in a space of Japanese beauty created by HOSOO, a long-established Nishijin textile company.

The textiles specially woven by HOSOO for this event will decorate the space with elegance, and silk pajamas with rich shades of Japanese purple dyed using an ancient process will be provided in your room. You will be welcomed to your suite with a drink we call HIBIKI Sparkling Style as well as original two-tone macarons inspired by the hues of HIBIKI. A bottle of HIBIKI JAPANESE HARMONY will be available for your enjoyment. Savour a moment immersed in the delicate tones of HIBIKI and the traditional beauty of Nishijin textiles.

June 21 (Wed.) - December 21 (Thu.), 2023
(limited to one room per day, the promotion will close once 100 units have been sold)

61,200 yen per room (including tax and service charge)
* Applies to: All types of suite rooms (this promotion is available only for those who have reserved a suite room)
* Please note that this promotion charge is levied separately to the suite room accommodation charges

Included in this promotion:
② Welcome drink HIBIKI Sparkling Style
③ Welcome amenity HOSOO two-tone macaron
④ HOSOO Textile cushion and bed throw
⑤ HOSOO Historical Japanese Natural Dyeing Research Lab 100% silk pajamas dyed Japanese murasaki

* Items ① and ③ may be taken home, whereas items ② ④ and ⑤ may not be taken home

Harmonious Cocktails at THE GARDEN BAR

For a limited time only, THE GARDEN BAR, overlooking our courtyard garden, will be offering a variety of Hibiki arrangements to entice patrons into the world of HIBIKI THE HARMONY. The bar counter area will display a 24-sided Hibiki bottle that represents the 24 solar terms, and fabrics such as HOSOO coasters and cushions will create a magical space. Guests can enjoy an elegant moment with special cocktails created with Hibiki and overseen by Suntory's beverage supervisor, while gazing out at the Japanese garden and appreciating the changing seasons.

Wednesday 21 June - Thursday 21 December 2023

Opening hours:
11:00-23:30 (Last Orders)


Limited time menu:
■ Harmonious Cocktails
Special cocktails using Hibiki will be served under the watchful eye of Suntory's beverage supervisor.

* Various other Hibiki cocktails will also be available.
* Please note that quantities are limited.

Harmonious Dinner at TOKI

At TOKI, Chef Asano's innovative cuisine focuses on Kyoto's rich produce, with a special emphasis on fond (stock) made from Kyoto water. During the HIBIKI THE HARMONY promotion, diners can enjoy a Suntory-supervised pairing of the restaurant's signature courses with SUNTORY WHISKY HIBIKI, in a variety of different manners. Guests who order the pairing menu will also receive the two-tone macarons by HOSOO for dessert. Enjoy this moment of sheer indulgence while gazing out at the courtyard garden.

Wednesday 21 June - Thursday 21 December 2023

Opening hours:
17:00-20:30 (Last Orders)

Innovative Kyoto French Restaurant TOKI

Limited time menu:
■ Three different types of Hibiki, combined in a variety of ways

13,000 yen per person

* Please note this does not include the cost of the meal 
* Please note that quantities are limited.


HIBIKI is a blended whisky created in 1989 as Suntory's premier whisky brand. All of the dozens of different types of original whiskies that make up the aroma of HIBIKI are nurtured at Suntory's three distilleries. The carefully crafted variety of base whiskies are combined by the blendmaster's delicate skills and sensibilities to produce a harmonious blend with a gorgeous, deep and harmonious taste. The bottle design symbolises time, the Japanese washi paper label and the vividly inked HIBIKI brushstrokes resonate with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. HIBIKI reflects the richness of Japan's nature and sensibilities. HIBIKI is the embodiment of Suntory's philosophy of "resonating with people and nature", and speaks to the aim of living in harmony with people and nature across the world. HIBIKI aims to be known as the world's favourite whisky.

About HOSOO Historical Japanese Natural Dyeing Research Lab

Founded in 1688. In 2021, HOSOO established HOSOO Historical Japanese Natural Dyeing Research Lab and pass on ancient Japanese dyeing techniques. The insititue is currently working on reviving a dyeing process for silk threads using gromwell root, a rare Japanese murasaki dye.

Reservations and enquiries:

tel. +81 75 468 3100