Hokyoji Temple - Special Private Tour for Autumn

Located in a quiet corner of Nishijin, Hokyoji Temple is a nunnery typically not open to the public. Known for its beautiful autumn foliage, it features the vibrant contrast between the Irohamomiji maples in front of the main hall and the lush moss, as well as the autumn leaves that adorn the Tsurukame Garden, associated with Princess Wakamiya.

This is one of the most beautiful spots to experience the peak of autumn foliage. During this private tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the main hall, listen to a sermon by the nuns, and engage in a meditation experience while gazing at the garden. Additionally, you can appreciate a magnificent collection of artworks, including Autumn Grasses by Kano Tan'yu, sliding door paintings such as Grapes and Deer by the Japanese painter Kawamata Yoshiwa, and Puppy in Cedar Door Painting by Maruyama Okyo, a painter with strong ties to our hotel.

Enjoy a special moment reflecting on the beauty, culture, and spiritual legacy passed down by the nuns at this temple.

Event Details:

November 17 (Fri), 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun), 20 (Mon), 23 (Thu), 24 (Fri), 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun), 29 (Wed), 30(Thu)

Starts at 1:00pm Approximately 2.5 hours (including travel time)

¥50,000 per person (13 years and older)

10 people per day (first-come, first-served basis)

①Tour inside the nunnery (exclusive access)
②Sermon by the nuns
③Meditation experience
④Tea and Japanese sweets included

* Tour guide will accompany the group
* One-way transportation from the hotel to Hokyoji Temple (disband at the location after the visit)

About Hokyoji Temple:

An ancient nunnery with a rich history, it has been served by princesses and aristocrats' daughters throughout the generations, holding the honorific title Dodo no Goshō. It is named Hokyoji (Treasure Mirror) Temple due to the deity Kannon Bodhisattva holding a mirror. On October 14, a Doll Offering Ceremony is held, and it is sometimes referred to as the Doll Temple because it opens to the public only during the spring and autumn Doll Exhibitions. Hokyoji temple exhibits valuable treasures, mainly dolls, including those beloved by Princess Wakamiya, along with dozens of other treasures such as Ichimatsu dolls. It also houses exquisite sliding door paintings from the Tenpō era, a beautiful garden reflecting the seasons, and numerous mementos of Princess Wakamiya's childhood.

For reservations and inquiries,

please contact: +75 468 3100 (Hotel Reception)