Three Special Experiences to Commemorate the 3rd Anniversary <Friday, November 3, 2023>

Celebrating our Third Anniversary with Noh Dancing in the Lobby

To commemorate our third anniversary, we are hosting a one-night-only lobby event where you can enjoy a Noh performance by a Kanze-style Noh actor and Sparkring Wine. The Noh performer is Yuuki Inoue, the representative of Kyoto Takigi Noh troupe, a performance held by firelight annually at Heian Shrine. For the celebratory dance, he will present the splendid Shojo dance. Please join us in celebrating the third anniversary of HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO along with the timeless art of Noh.

■ Event Date: November 3, 2023
■ Venue: 1F Lobby Lounge
■ Time: Starts at 5:15pm

*This event is exclusively available to hotel guests (patrons of our accommodation, restaurants, and SPA) and is free of charge.

A Special Maker’s Dinner to introduce the New Premium Sake Brand "ZENRI"

We are delighted to host a one-night-only Maker's Dinner, a collaboration between the newly rejuvenated sake brewery Kyoto Denbito and HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, featuring ZENRI, their innovative new premium sake brand. Under the concept of Preserving Tradition, Embracing Diversity, Changing the World, ZENRI was born from a heartfelt desire to showcase new values and tradition. Chef Asano, drawing on his prior experience as Executive Sous Chef at the Ritz Paris, has crafted special dishes exclusively for this evening, offering an exquisite pairing with ZENRI sake.

During the dinner, you will have the opportunity to hear insights from Hideya Umehara, the CEO of Kyo-Denbito, who is driven by the desire to share Japanese culture and ZENRI sake with the world. Be prepared for a memorable evening filled with captivating stories about sake and Zenri, all while celebrating the rich heritage of Kyoto.

■Event Date: November 3, 2023  17:15 Door Open 18:00 Dinner
■Venue: Shiki-no-Ma
■Capacity : 12
■Price: 49,000 yen per person
A special dinner course created by Chef Asano, including pairings with five different Japanese sake varieties, including ZENRI and Kamega, served in the beautiful surroundings of TOKI.

Third Anniversary Celebration: Kuchikiri Matcha Experience

We are delighted to offer you an exclusive Kuchikiri Matcha experience, available for a limited time only. Kuchikiri Matcha celebrates the tradition of maturing tea leaves. These leaves were harvested in spring and have been maturing in airtight jars for six months before these jars are opened in the first week of November. Kuchikuri matcha is said to have been cherished by Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu for its elegant and distinctive flavor. To commemorate our third anniversary, we have prepared a tea bowl from the renowned Kiyomizu-yaki kiln, Touan, along with a specially crafted tea confection by our pastry chef. Join us for a unique tea ceremony experience, a hallmark of HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, as we celebrate our third anniversary.

■ Date: October 16 ~ November 30, 2023
■ Duration: approx. 25 minutes
■ Cost per person: JPY3,500

For reservations and inquiries,

please contact: +75 468 3100 (Hotel Reception)