Indulge in the bounty of Kyo-Tamba's treasures and the abundant harvest of autumn with our Kyo-Tamba Chestnut Afternoon Tea <2023.10.1~2023.11.30>

From October 1, 2023 we will be offering this limited-time afternoon tea featuring ingredients from Kyo-Tamba, nurtured by rich soil and pure water, with the spotlight on Kyo-Tamba Chestnuts. Enjoy the charm of these ingredients through a menu that captures the essence of autumn. With the full cooperation of the Kyo-Tamba municipality we invite you to savor a moment that embodies this unique culinary culture.

Kyo-Tamba Chestnut Afternoon Tea

Experience the richness of Kyo-Tamba and the bountiful autumn harvest with our Kyo-Tamba Chestnut Afternoon Tea. This afternoon tea is a delightful way to savor the flavors of Kyo-Tamba nurtured by the abundant nature of the region. Featuring the large and refined flavor of Kyo-Tamba Chestnuts as the centerpiece, you can fully enjoy a variety of Kyo-Tamba ingredients such as Kyo-Tamba Shiitake mushrooms and Tamba Wine in both sweet and savoury treats. While admiring the deepening autumn vista of the courtyard garden, indulge in a heartwarming moment with produce from the culinary treasure trove of Kyo-Tamba.

■ Period: October 1, 2023 (Sunday) - November 30, 2023 (Thursday)
■ Hours: 12:00 - / 14:30 - * Two sessions of 2 hours each
■ Price: ¥7,100 (2 drink choices) * You can upgrade to free-flow drinks for an additional ¥600.
■ Menu:
< Sweets >
Kyo-Tamba Chestnut Mont Blanc, Kyo-Tamba Chestnut Mousse, Caramel and Apple Macaron, Pear Pavlova Compote with Tamba Wine, and more (7 varieties).
< Savouries >
Kyo-Tamba Shiitake and Truffle Arancini, Tamba Wine Coq au Vin Polenta, Kyo-Tamba Chestnut and Gorgonzola Pizza, and more (6 varieties).
< Scones & Condiments (2 types each) >

* Menu contents are subject to change depending on availability and sourcing.

About Kyo-Tamba Town

Kyo-Tamba is situated in the upstream area of the Yura River system on the Tamba Plateau, is located in the central part of Kyoto Prefecture. Over 80% of its land is covered by forests, boasting a magnificent natural environment. It is blessed with conditions such as the Tamba Mist that helps crops grow vibrantly and the day-night temperature variations that lock in flavor, nurturing specialty products known collectively as Tamba-branded produce. With a history of offerings to the imperial court and shogunate, it is characterized by the robustness and richness of its produce, led by the Kyo-Tamba Chestnut, and including items such as Black Soybeans, Tamba Matsutake Mushrooms, and Kyo-Tamba Shiitake. In addition to various Kyoto vegetables, it is also the only dairy farming area in Kyoto, truly serving as a treasure trove of produce that supports the food culture of the ancient capital.

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