Experience a special turndown service featuring new pre-bedtime habits from Kyoto<March 1st, 2023 - May 31st, 2023>

Wacoal, headquartered in Kyoto, is dedicated to developing sleep science with a focus on ensuring maximum comfort during sleep. In collaboration with Panasonic, whose product design HQ is also located in Kyoto, the EW-RA150 air massager has been introduced to provide guests with a unique and refreshing pre-sleep experience. This new turndown service is exclusively available for guests staying in our Deluxe Suites (55-65 m2) located on the top floor.

Our turndown service is designed to prepare both the bed and guest for a good night's sleep. As the number of people suffering from sleep problems increases in today's new normal lifestyle, pre-bedtime habits, including turndown, have become increasingly important.

For a limited time, guests will have access to Sleep Science pajamas and pillows from Wacoal, as well as the Nerumae Hot Refresher air massager from Panasonic, along with the hotel's own scented toiletries to help them relax and ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

'Deluxe Suites Special Turndown' service – an outline:

■ Available:
Wednesday 1 March 2023 - Wednesday 31 May 2023

■ Eligibility:
All guests staying in Deluxe Suites booked after 24 February 2023.
*Limited to the first 70 pairs.

■ Cost:
Turndown service free of charge
*Not including accommodation in Deluxe Suites from JPY 238,000 per room, double occupancy (including tax and service charge)

■ Content:
● Installation of Panasonic Air Massager EW-RA150 (Nerumae Hot Reflex) (loaned out to guests).
● Wacoal/Sleep Science Pyjamas made of natural cotton (can be taken home).
● Wacoal/Sleep Science Snuggle Fit Pillow (loaned out to guests).
● THERA Kyoto yuzu essential oil (can be taken home) exclusive to HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO

* Guests upgraded to Deluxe Rooms are not eligible for this special service.
* Limited to once occasion per stay.
* This service is available to all guests booking a Deluxe Suite.
* Guests who have made a reservation will be contacted by the hotel to inquire about their pyjama size and for information on using the Nerumae Hot Reflex.
*Nerumae Hot Reflex is classified as a medical device and may not be suitable for use by certain individuals, including those for whom massage is prohibited by a doctor or who are pregnant.


Panasonic 'Air Massager EW-RA150 (Nerumae Hot Reflex)'
This is a new air massager launched in November 2022. Experience pure bliss by simply laying down and placing your legs inside the device. The secret behind its effectiveness lies in the all-round air bag that encases the legs, simulating the sensation of being massaged by a person. This technology is the result of years of research into the movements of human hands. The air bag applies pressure and releases it quickly, creating a relaxing and enveloping sensation. Additionally, the toes are equipped with a warming heater to promote a happy and refreshed feeling at the end of a long day exploring Kyoto.

Wacoal/Sleep Science, 'Pajamas made of natural cotton'
These pajamas have been developed with the goal of turning sleep time into dream time. Focusing on comfort for the skin, the fibres are carefully selected from cottons with ultra-long fibres. The Ten Cotton blend has been chosen by experienced experts who carefully assess the cotton’s characteristics, and the threads are spun slowly and meticulously. The result is a high-quality feel on the skin that takes both time and effort to produce.

Wacoal/Sleep Science 'Snuggle Fit Pillow'
The Wacoal/Sleep Science 'Snuggle Fit Pillow' is designed to reduce pressure on the same parts of the body during sleep, as well as moderating temperature and humidity for a pleasant night’s rest. The pillow uses highly resilient material to support turning over, with an indentation in the centre to add stability to its resilience. Its curve follows the shape of the shoulder for a comfortable fit. The cover is machine-washable, and the filling material can be washed in cold water, such as in the shower.

HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO and Simmons co-develop an original mattress
HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO has collaborated with SIMMONS, a world-class bed manufacturer headquartered in the USA, to develop an original mattress that delivers a high-quality sleep experience. The 8.25" pocket coil mattress provides core sleeping comfort and a soft, enveloping touch, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep. This exclusive mattress is also available for purchase on our online store, allowing you to bring the comfort of your sleep experience right into your home.

HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO Japanese oil Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu
Japanese Oil Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu, produced by THERA, incorporates ancient Japanese culture and philosophies, offering products derived from the blessings of nature. The main ingredient of yuzu, limonene, has a relaxing, stress-relieving effect and activates cellular functions that normalise the nervous system. The fragrance of yuzu helps relieve travel fatigue and promote a good night's sleep.

Pyjama Sizing

Ladies (Item No. YDX521)
Size M : Top 65 cm, chest 52 cm, leg 95 cm, waist 55 cm.
Size L : Top 65 cm, chest 56 cm, leg 96 cm, waist 59 cm.

Men's (Item No. YGX522)
Size M : Top 69 cm, chest 55 cm, leg 100 cm, waist 62 cm.
Size L : Top 74 cm, chest 59 cm, leg 106 cm, waist 66 cm.

Children Girls (Item No. CTS403)
Size M : Top 52 cm, chest 36 cm, leg 69 cm, waist 48 cm.
Size L : Top 58 cm, chest 43 cm, leg 79 cm, waist 52 cm.

Children Boys (Item No. CTS403)
Size M : Top 52 cm, chest 36 cm, leg 69 cm, waist 48 cm.
Size L : Top 58 cm, chest 43 cm, leg 79 cm, waist 52 cm.

* Changes cannot be accepted after opening.
* Please check the size.

This initiative is supported by Wacoal Corporation and Panasonic Corporation.

Reservations and enquiries

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